Jaywick Sands Revival Mini Festival

As seen in the Clacton Gazette on 10th May 2018

CFG 2018-05-10

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Jaywick Sands Community Forum Meeting

POSTER 2018-05-30

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Forum Wins more Grants

As reported in the Gazette on the 11th April

A GROUP in Jaywick is celebrating after being handed £7,000 of lottery funding to help people in the community run their own projects.

Jaywick Forum has been working with the Big Lottery Fund to come up with a project to help people in the village.

The scheme will see grants of between £50 and £1,000 handed out to help people get their projects off the ground.

Gill Elkins, of the Jaywick Forum, said: “We have been working with the Big Lottery Fund on an idea to benefit the community.

“There are lots of ideas from residents and community that would benefit people in Jaywick, but they are often not from larger organisations. They come from real people doing great things locally.

“We are going to run a small funding scheme that would allow these ideas to be funded quickly – to capture the enthusiasm of the community – and easily, and enable people to make their ideas happen.

“Good ideas will be ones that improve people’s happiness, health and well-being, bring people together, improve the local area, and encourage people to be active in and proud of their community.”

Mrs Elkins said the idea – piloted by the Big Lottery Fund – will allow residents’ groups to apply directly to the Jaywick Forum for cash.

Decision-making will be by a panel, including Jaywick Forum, the Big Lottery Fund’s funding manager for Essex and a representative from Essex County Council.

Mrs Elkins added: “We feel that this project will allow us to help local people and groups build on the area’s strong community spirit and bring their ideas to life.”

The scheme is expected to start in May. To apply email Mrs Elkins at forum-jaywick@sky.com.

Special Grants 2018_Page_1 Special Grants 2018_Page_2

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Jaywick & Tudor Residents Association AGM

agm poster

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Community Meet and Greet Day

Meet & Greet Day

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TDCs Plan for the Future

The link to this video was posted today on various local websites, TDCs Corporate Plan 2016-2020. Actually posted on Youtube in October 2016 with a grand total of less than 200 views. But looking at the content using disembodied hands like all the best scam videos you see online plus being as a work of fiction poor and as any sort of factual portrayal a joke. I would be surprised if anybody actually admitted to seeing it. TDC probably paid good money, our money, for this farcical self aggrandising representation it really is about time Stock and Co. came back to the real world and left planet daydream where they seem to spend most of their time.

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Jaywick Sands Revival

At the last Forum meeting back in November 2017, the process of DERiC, Developing and Empowering Resources in Communities, helping to set up a Community Interest Company was begun, it has been reported on the TDC news site as follows:

Friday, 26 January, 2018

Moves are well underway to set up a new community-owned company to help aid Jaywick Sands’ regeneration.

Residents are to take a major role in the organisation which is being formed in a bid to help improve people’s lives.

A steering group has already been set up, has met twice and it is hoped to have Jaywick Revival Community Interest Company operating by the end of February.

At the next meeting on February 6 it is expected to agree a mission statement and come up with a brand and logo.

The company will be run by a board of 11 directors and a list of priorities to tackle is to be drawn up along with a business plan.

Among the priorities highlighted so far are a community shop; housing; tenant/landlord support; Jaywick Sands Festival; family support and support for vulnerable people, a community café, improved transport; land ownership; employment units and training opportunities.

The initiative is being supported by Developing and Empowering Resources in Communities (DERiC), a not for profit company, which has been meeting and talking with people in the area since the summer.

It has made an offer of up to £10,000 in grant funding to help get the organisation up and running.

Ritchard Brazil from DERiC attended a steering group meeting on Wednesday and is confident that the new company is only a matter of weeks away from being set up.

“The whole process is coming together well and we had a number of residents attend the meeting on Wednesday,” he said.

“The plan is to get more involved as things go forward and all residents will be able to buy shares in the company at 1p each, sold in blocks of 100.  Anyone who lives, works or has a genuine connection with Jaywick Sands will be able to buy one of these blocks.

“There will also be other companies and organisations which will be interested in providing financial backing. It will be hard work but it is very doable.

“It is all about Jaywick Sands Revival CiC playing a part in the overall regeneration of Jaywick Sands.”

Roy Raby, who chairs the steering group, said he is delighted with the progress being made so far.

“Once the company is up and running we will want to get as many Jaywick Sands’ residents involved as possible,” he added.

“We will be keeping them informed and leaflets will be put through doors with information about what is happening and when. Watch out for them arriving on the doormat soon.”

It is also hoped to strongly involve young people in Jaywick Sands and there is likely to be one place on the board kept for a representative from that age group.

Paul Honeywood, Tendring District Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing with special responsibility for Jaywick Sands, has also attended the meetings.

“I am encouraged by the enthusiasm shown for the company so far and it will be down to residents’ participation as to just how successful this can be,” he said.

“There is certainly the potential for the company to support TDC’s aims to regenerate Jaywick Sands and play its part in the process.”

Anyone wanting more information should contact Alison Gibbs, Alison.Gibbs@essex.gov.uk (link sends e-mail).

29-11-2017 Presentation by Ritchard Brazil at Jaywick Sands Forum AGM 

13-12 2017 First Meeting of the Steering Group to form a new Community Owned Organisation for Jaywick Sands

09-01-2018 Second Meeting of the Steering Group to Form the new Community Interest Company Jaywick Sands Revival CIC

24-01-2018 Meeting of the Steering Group for the Jaywick Sands Revival CIC

06-02-2018 Meeting of the Sterring Group for the Jaywick Sands Revival CIC

New CiC Notes 13 12 17 v1


meeting 2018-01-09

meeting 2018-01-24


Notes and agreements from Jaywick Sands CIC Steering Group 6th Feb__ 2018
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Nothing New Under The Sun

Many have criticised Donald Trump’s statements about Illegal aliens. But I have just been sent a video of Bill ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton’s State of the Union address back in 1995.

As my friend said all President Trump needs to do is make sure that the Clinton video is broadcast with the sentence – “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message”

1995 State of the Union


All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. That’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens. In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.

Bill Clinton

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Talk about Taking the Mickey

I note that what appears the same landowner/developer that currently has three approved planning applications in Jaywick Sands, namely:-

7 Sea Pink Way, 23-27 Brooklands and 32-37 Brooklands which to date are showing no signs of development has now put in a further application for more flats at 42-46 Brooklands Gardens.

Whilst not wishing to halt progress of these developments, I would question the sense of so many substantial applications the 3 approved being between 11 months and a year since approval was granted, yet zero signs of progress. It seriously begins to look as if the applicant has no desire to build, simply to sell land on with planning permission. The problem being while they wait to clean up financially the rest of us have to put up with the accumulation of rubbish on open derelict sites.

Photo-00127 Sea Pink Way 7th January 2018

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Environment – Not so much a Rant as a simple Obervation

For several years now it has been widely touted that it was those born before about 1980 that were totally responsible for the environmental problems we have now. I would just like to point out that as far as recycling goes most did it without knowing it actually had a name. It was just one more way to save money. Before the boom in plastic packaging which was going to be so cheap and good for the environment, we had glass and paper, not always the most convenient, but always recyclable. Now it seems that one of the biggest threats to the natural world is the amount of plastic trash that we as the supposedly most intelligent life form on Earth produce. The cost of clearing up this disaster is phenomenal and of course will trickle down and fall on the man/woman in the street, not on the businesses and governments that encouraged it in the first place. They are all too busy preaching how WE must do our bit to save the planet by recycling, re-purposing, reusing, the buzz words just keep coming.

This cartoon to me epitomises how the eco fanatics have taken over common sense in favour of bully boy tactics. Instead of encouraging people to dry their laundry in a natural way, they insist that their dryers like kettles and vacuum cleaners should be lower powered to slow the use of fossil fuels. All it actually does is make people use them for longer periods to achieve the same result.

Laundry Day

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