Nothing New Under The Sun

Many have criticised Donald Trump’s statements about Illegal aliens. But I have just been sent a video of Bill ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton’s State of the Union address back in 1995.

As my friend said all President Trump needs to do is make sure that the Clinton video is broadcast with the sentence – “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message”

1995 State of the Union


All Americans, not only in the States most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers. That’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens. In the budget I will present to you, we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who are arrested for crimes, to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan. We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.

Bill Clinton

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Talk about Taking the Mickey

I note that what appears the same landowner/developer that currently has three approved planning applications in Jaywick Sands, namely:-

7 Sea Pink Way, 23-27 Brooklands and 32-37 Brooklands which to date are showing no signs of development has now put in a further application for more flats at 42-46 Brooklands Gardens.

Whilst not wishing to halt progress of these developments, I would question the sense of so many substantial applications the 3 approved being between 11 months and a year since approval was granted, yet zero signs of progress. It seriously begins to look as if the applicant has no desire to build, simply to sell land on with planning permission. The problem being while they wait to clean up financially the rest of us have to put up with the accumulation of rubbish on open derelict sites.

Photo-00127 Sea Pink Way 7th January 2018

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Environment – Not so much a Rant as a simple Obervation

For several years now it has been widely touted that it was those born before about 1980 that were totally responsible for the environmental problems we have now. I would just like to point out that as far as recycling goes most did it without knowing it actually had a name. It was just one more way to save money. Before the boom in plastic packaging which was going to be so cheap and good for the environment, we had glass and paper, not always the most convenient, but always recyclable. Now it seems that one of the biggest threats to the natural world is the amount of plastic trash that we as the supposedly most intelligent life form on Earth produce. The cost of clearing up this disaster is phenomenal and of course will trickle down and fall on the man/woman in the street, not on the businesses and governments that encouraged it in the first place. They are all too busy preaching how WE must do our bit to save the planet by recycling, re-purposing, reusing, the buzz words just keep coming.

This cartoon to me epitomises how the eco fanatics have taken over common sense in favour of bully boy tactics. Instead of encouraging people to dry their laundry in a natural way, they insist that their dryers like kettles and vacuum cleaners should be lower powered to slow the use of fossil fuels. All it actually does is make people use them for longer periods to achieve the same result.

Laundry Day

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New GP Appointment system

Had to go to Green Elms yesterday for a blood test. In addition to yet another survey form to complete, I was handed a leaflet outlining how you will be able to make a GP appointment from January 10th next year.

Maybe I missed the announcement, but I cannot recall this ever having been previously mentioned though it seems the new super duper phone system is in place so it is obviously something that has been in the pipeline for some time.

So for anyone that was unaware of the impending change the link below is to the leaflet


GP Surgery Changes



Get the ACE spin at

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Your Digital Footprint

Much has and no doubt will be written about the perils of using the internet, but having read an article where someone tried to go ‘off grid’ and felt isolated by the experience I just had to put forward this comment that was made, which I think sums up so much how mindlessly some approach the internet and in particular so-called Social Media, which is quite often just the opposite. –

“the risk of having your wallet stolen is part of walking down a physical street.” Theoretically yes, as also is the risk of being hit by a vehicle, or a tile falling from a roof. But I’ve managed to avoid it for 78 years. On the other hand, if I’ve had scammers steal my card details when I’ve bought goods online, and if they hack into a company’s database they can steal the data for millions of people, not just one person’s wallet. As for “the cultural and social isolation he felt while trying to protect himself from the existence of a digital footprint”, I don’t use facebook, twitter or any of the others, yet I have friends and a social life. I do bank online, organise my energy provider, buy many things in the course of a year, but as I don’t put details of my life on social media for the whole world to read the main risk to my security is a dishonest employee somewhere, which is equally possible when I’ve purchased something in a shop.

Yet again a dose of common sense from one of the older generation.

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A New Way Forward for Jaywick Sands

Another interesting talk by Richard Brazil of DERiC at the Jaywick Sands Forum AGM today, looking for more input from residents about how to revitalise Jaywick Sands.

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Promises, Promises, but no Big Surprises from ECC

I think it reasonable to say that when Essex County Council announced it was going to put £5 million into upgrading the unadopted roads in Jaywick Sands, most residents were both sceptical, but hopeful.

But over the course of the last couple of years, they have, to some degree, kept their promise.

However, as per expectations of a lot of people, it has become all too apparent that the overarching aim of ECC has less to do with improving the situation of residents and more with creating a favourable impression for the media and visitors.
The initial works in Brooklands, a highly publicised part of Jaywick were supposed to be followed by similar improvements in Grasslands, never featured in media coverage.
But, shock of shocks the budget had been depleted by an overspend on Brooklands. So we were told that the remaining funds would be spent on drainage inspection and improvements to the ‘Sea Ways’ between the Broadway and the Promenade.
Which resulted in all new roads being constructed.In addition, the pavement on the Seaward side of the Broadway was resurfaced, despite being in no worse state than the opposite side.

Beach Way, Sea Way, Lake Way, Yew Way, Fern Way and Gorse Way received what could most charitably be described as a ‘patch up’ job to the concrete surfaces to borderline Bodge it and Run.

Eventually, when new funding was allocated, the works in Grasslands were begun as was the tarmacking of Belsize Avenue to the Martello Tower.

There was then a hiatus to accommodate the Summer Holiday season.

Finally, at the end of September, the entrance into Gorse Way was Tarmacked and work was begun on Belsize Avenue leading to the Caravan Park.

However, when the Tarmac patching of two areas in Gorse Way was queried, the response was:

“I can confirm that there was never an intention to tarmac Gorse Way in its entirety.”

Something which most of the residents of those roads had thought to be the case.

“Some areas on various roads were marked up for consideration in the road plans but not all were included due to restricted budgets.”
That was a bit of a knockback as most of the damage had been marked up many months before.
So yet again an area away from media scrutiny and regular visitor access was to be overlooked, what a surprise.
Finally, after providing details of the potholing in Gorse Way the patches were installed near the end of October.
Meanwhile, in Beach Way, now after four weeks plus of works, (longer than the whole time spent on Gorse Way, Sea Way, Lake Way, Yew Way and Fern Way) that have seen the aprons on both sides of the road being concreted despite some being at best a foot wide and several yards being completely concreted.

Strange how the budget suddenly ran to works being done in a more visible area.

Photo-0011 Photo-0012 Photo-0013 Photo-0015 Photo-0016
In Gorse Way, the concrete section of which is certainly no wider than Beach Way there are puddles on both sides and patches that are cracking up after less than a year. There are drains in the puddled areas, but because of there being no higher surface around them have zero effect

Photo-0002 Photo-0006

So excuse me for being less than enamoured with the ECC Highways priorities, which as ever seems more based on PR than need.

Those in the less publicised area of Jaywick Sands obviously need to make more noise to be acknowledged or heard by Essex County Council.

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North Essex Garden Communities

Not sure if I missed this story in the local rag, or they just decided not to publish it in case anyone was actually interested.

It concerns: The Shared Strategic Local Plan for North Essex includes proposals for three cross-boundary garden communities. The development of these communities is expected to begin within the Local Plan period 2017 – 2033.

The three Garden Communities are:

  • Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community
  • Colchester Braintree Borders Garden Community
  • West of Braintree Garden Community

The Councils are committed to producing a separate planning document on each of the Garden Communities which will eventually become a detailed masterplan for each community.

The first stage in producing planning documents for each of the three Garden Communities is called Issues and Options. There will be a public consultation for each of the proposed plans.  These are taking take place between 13 November 2017 and 5 pm on 22 January 2018.

Responses are strongly encouraged between these dates via the consultation portal which is being hosted by Braintree District Council’s consultation portal where you can choose which plan you wish to view, read the document and answer the consultation questions.

Please click here to access the portal.

This is an opportunity for the general public to put forward their views on the main issues that will need to be dealt with in the development of the Garden Communities and to identify potential options to deal with those issues.

The feedback received will help with the more detailed stages of master planning.

The document and the response form will also be available to download soon.

If you choose to complete a form rather than use the online consultation portal you can return it in the following ways:

Email: (link sends e-mail)

Post: Planning Policy, Tendring District Council, Thorpe Road, Weeley, Essex CO16 9AJ

To find out more about the proposals and speak with the planning officers visit one of the exhibitions below.

Date & Time Venue
Saturday, 18 November

10.00am – 2.00pm

Marks Tey Village Hall, Old London Road, Marks  Tey, CO6 1EJ
Monday, 20 November

3.00pm – 7.00pm

William Loveless Hall, 85-87 High Street, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB
Tuesday, 21 November

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Great Tey Village Hall, Chappel Road, Great Tey, CO6 1JQ
Friday, 24 November

10.00am – 2.00pm

Colchester Market, High Street, Colchester, CO1 1PJ
Saturday, 25 November

10.00am – 2.00pm

The Saling Millennium Village Hall, Piccotts Lane, Great Saling, CM7 5DW
Monday, 27 November

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Old Friend’s Meeting House, Rosemary Lane, Stebbing, CM6 3RR
Thursday, 30 November

3.00pm – 7.00pm

Coggeshall Village Hall, Stoneham Street, Coggeshall, CO6 1UH
Saturday, 2 December

10.00am – 2.00pm

Greenstead Community Centre, Hawthorn Avenue, Colchester, CO4 3QE
Tuesday, 5 December

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Feering Community Centre, Coggeshall Road, Feering, CO5 9QB
Wednesday, 6 December

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Braintree Town Hall, Market Square, Braintree, CM7 3YG
Thursday, 7 December

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Easthorpe Church Hall, Easthorpe Road, Colchester, CO5 9HD
Tuesday, 12 December

10.00am – 2.00pm

Rayne Village Hall, 3 Gore Road, Rayne, CM77 6TX
Thursday, 14 December

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Market Field School, School Road, Elmstead Market, CO7 7ET
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Funding to Help Reduce Energy Bills

From the TDC News Site – Tuesday, 14 November, 2017

New grant funding is up for grabs to help residents in Tendring reduce their energy bills.

Aran Services Ltd – supported by Tendring District Council (TDC) – is offering free and partially funded energy efficiency improvements.

These include loft and cavity wall insulation as well as new heating systems and everyone is entitled to some money – regardless of income – and homes can save up to £360 per year on bills.

Recent changes in legislation mean that those with a health condition made worse by the cold, those living in fuel poverty or are in receipt of a Government means-tested benefit will receive increased levels of grant.

This may be of various types of insulation and some may be entitled to extra heating grants.

Paul Honeywood, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said that the Council is very keen to help residents both improve their homes and lower bills.

“We are pleased to be able to link up with Aran Services who are able to access this grant funding from the major energy suppliers around the UK,” he said.

“Aran is also able to provide a free home assessment and some households will be eligible for 100 percent funded home insulation.

“It is available to homeowners and tenants who rent from a private landlord.”

The company will not be cold calling any residents over this scheme and householders do need to request a visit should they want to be involved.

Anyone interested can book a free no obligation assessment by calling Aran Services Ltd on 01284 812570 or Freephone 0800 5877795 quoting reference TDC/17.1

Alternatively, they can fill out an online enquiry form at

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Help Stop The Great Brexit Betrayal of our Fishing Communities


Help Stop The Great  Brexit Betrayal of our Fishing Communities

In our update yesterday, we gave details of a press release by our Assistant Deputy Leader, Mike Hookem MEP. You can see the full release below.

Mike has been working tirelessly to support out beleaguered fishing communities and now,  those communities have received another slap in the face after George Eustice announced in the House of Commons that ‘technical measures’ of the Common Fisheries Policy will be included in Theresa May’s flagship Repeal Bill.


Mike will continue to give his full commitment to supporting our fishing communities, to ensure they get the 200-mile exclusive economic zone that we are entitled to under international law

This petition has been launched specifically to force the Government to remove fisheries from Theresa May’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’,

Play your part now in helping to give our fishing communities the future they deserve. Sign the petition below and encourage anybody you can to do the same thing. If we achieve 100,000 signatures then the Government have to consider the petition for debate. Let’s get them dancing to our tune again!

Sign the petition by following this link:

We must stop the betrayal of Brexit

Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem, has launched a petition to force the Government to remove fisheries from Theresa May’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’, saying, “the inclusion of the Common Fisheries Policy into UK law is an abject betrayal of Brexit.”

Mr Hookem, UKIP’s fisheries spokesman, launched his crusade after George Eustice announced in the House of Commons that ‘technical measures’ of the CFP will be included in Theresa May’s flagship Repeal Bill.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “the response to the petition has been amazing so far, with over 6,000 signatures in the first 48 hours. However, we still have a long way to go if we are going to get the 100,000 signatures we need to force a Commons debate.

“Throughout the referendum, the fishing community of Great Britain was one of the loudest voices in the Leave camp, as they have seen first-hand how disastrous EU policy can be to our country.

“The fishing communities simply want the right to make a living through reclaiming the 200-mile exclusive economic zone we are entitled to under international law and repatriating the 70% of the total allowable catch in British waters that are currently taken by EU vessels.

“I for one will support our fishing communities all the way, as I believe, post-Brexit we can achieve the £6.3 Billion boost to the UK economy that the fishing industry is estimated to be worth.

“Fishing means skilled jobs; income into coastal communities; and a huge boost to the national economy.

“However, by taking the CFP into British law using the Great Repeal Bill, the Tories risk handing the EU the opportunity to take the UK to court under the Vienna Convention, citing continuity of rights in the post-transition era.

“This Brexit betrayal must not be allowed to happen, and I urge the whole country to get behind our fishing communities and sign my petition.”

Kind Regards



UKIP · Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT, United Kingdom

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