Time for a history Lessson?

I keep hearing people, many of whom should know better, stating with total conviction, that the British People voted to join the European Union back in 1975.

First, we were never given the option to join we were insinuated into the then European Economic Community by Grocer Heath, a man who on every other level was totally mistrusted by all. Then we had Harold Wilson, a man whose reputation for brokering bad deals for the UK was legendary. Giving us the option to leave whilst perpetuating the myth that it was only ever going to be a trade deal, knowing full well that the ultimate goal was a fully federal Europe, controlled by an unelected bureaucracy whose policies are primarily formed by Mult national Corporations and Banks. Because that’s guaranteed to be for the benefit of all, NOT.

So those that insist we voted to join the EU are either misguided, misinformed, in the pay of Eurocrats or more likely in the Remain at all costs camp because the lies just keep rolling on.

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