Blueprints submitted for apartment block on Jaywick seafront

The plans released of the new Jaywick's Brooklands development

PLANS have been submitted for a four-storey block of flats on the site of two chalets in Jaywick’s Brooklands.

The 600 sq metre seafront site, on the corner of Brooklands and Talbot Avenue, would also include parking and a small landscaped amenity area.

A report by agent Paul Seager said: “Jaywick has been in bad need of investment for decades and has deteriorated gradually over the years and become one of the most deprived towns in the UK.

“It is understandable that once a place is left without the level of investment required that other places have benefited from in the past, then it is difficult to attract outside investment on the economic scale required in this instance.

“However, the applicant has looked into this and although there are obvious economic risks involved, they are encouraged by the fact that the local authority is actively pushing forward any regeneration that’s possible and this is an opportunity to embrace that.

“Other developers have already submitted schemes of a similar nature, all of which have been approved.

“We believe this is the first step to a major regeneration of Jaywick.

“We feel that the scheme proposed is of excellent quality which is required in order to seek potential purchasers or occupiers to the building.

“The applicant is also considering that if a developer makes the first step and is willing to show investment within Jaywick, others may follow and this could be an opportunity to encourage a properly organised regeneration that the town requires.”

Earlier this year Tendring Council started work on a £1.5million scheme to build new homes in Lotus Way.

The Brooklands area is officially listed as the most deprived place in the country and it is hoped that building will help with regeneration.

A decision on the plans for the 12 flats is expected by November 8. 



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