Latest Parish Council Proposal & Forum Response

Below is a copy of a document circulated by Mick Masterson to make the case for a Parish Council for  Jaywick Sands at the Forum meeting on  29th Augsut2018. There is also an attached document that he believes further validates the case.

Parish Council call Full


Forum Response to the latest call for a Parish Council



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4 Responses to Latest Parish Council Proposal & Forum Response

  1. Ian Burritt says:

    Dear Carol Churcher, may I be as to be rude in asking just how long you have lived within “My Jaywick” and without being nosey, do you live in “My Jaywick” ?
    If you have resided happily for years here as some of us have, you might understand the points I make.
    When me & my late wife arrived on a cold, dark, damp, January morning nearly 15 years ago, that Jaywick was a so different one that we have today, yet after a year or two, I sort of got fired up enough to put myself foreword to front a few public meetings, one of which, I wore a suit to, and was called a TDC spy, by a guy, who went on to become a TDC councillor himself, so just what was his reason for drumming up public distaste for someone just trying to help ?
    Mick and others was always at my home, and we held meetings as to the way forwards, with it being left mainly ME to do all the talking to both public and TDC and its officers, but, that was something I was comfortable with, so carried out pursuing our aims.. It was not long before things started falling apart, with agreed actions being changed by one person yet others knowing very little of, it become untenable, so I left the group itself, but carried on doing the best I could. I joined the Forum, went to meetings at the town Voluntary services Clacton, had meetings with just about everyone, 6 years worth, but saw very little help by those who wanted to start a new group to benefit ALL jaywick
    Over the past few years, look up at various parish councils Outside Jaywick who have failed due to internal politics one way or another
    Your comment of – “This has to be the way forward for Jaywick Sands. We need to be more involved with the managing of our Parish”
    does not the jaywick revival want ?
    does this not the jaywick Forum want ?
    does this not the local landlords want ?
    I could go on and on about all the groups & sub groups ALREADY here,
    but you give your opinion, as your entitled to do, but I get the feeling you have not researched all the relevant facts as to the history of Jaywick, its groups & wishes,
    but before I go, many more before me wanted And tried to do “better” for jaywick, but failed yet again.
    I was filmed by the ECC film unit some time ago asking just what jaywick needed, I said, ROADS ROADS ROADS, so we got them, another time, I was involved a jaywick forum funded discussion where I “was told” no one has road lights in Brooklands – I repeatedly explained we have but was Ignored.
    Another Time I was told – “we dont have home insulation or hot water in jaywick” yet again I explained we most certainly have, but, that helped us Brooklanders (mostly) get free new windows, new plumbing, new exterior insulation, new hot water cylinders and radiators along with hi tec heating units ALL FREE
    yet, we get some who say – WE NEED MORE DIALOGE with TDC.
    TDC are buying up plots of land earmarked for housing, there also buying up plots of land empty between and sometimes including rubbish properties, a left over from one or two landlords we had here..
    I could go on for ages, but, I`d get cramp mate….

  2. Ian Burritt says:

    Oh dear, not this all over again.
    Right, factually, I once was all for forming a parish council, my views and intentions appeared in articles published by the Gazette along with my photograph “some years ago”
    but soon realised that committing to form a Parish Council “could” have created a money pit of gigantic proportions for a problem wholly created by TDC over the years by its continued under Investment within “My Jaywick”
    But did fund a failed branch for its own attempt at a regeneration team elsewhere running out of a run down portacabin in Weeley`s car park !!!!
    Yes I have been Involved with the Jaywick Forum “some years ago”
    Factually, I spent some 6 years of my life in pursuing matters to the benefit of – “My Jaywick”
    Including physically working damn hard to help put on the first few Jaywick Summer Fayres and then its TDC backed yearly clean up campaigns in “My Jaywick” all of which were phographed and published by the Gazette.
    In 6 years I lost count of how many meetings I once had with members of TDC, its regeneration teams, and to include persons representing ECC…
    So, I am no stranger to “My Jaywick”, its residents, its forum members, Its Ideals, Its future,
    I was not leafleted for my opinion,
    I never heard a single person knock on my door to ask my opinion,
    no letter from the gods fell through my letter box asking my opinion,
    yet back some years I “wore out” 2 new printers printing information for the benefit of “My Jaywick” residents, then hand posted every single one, yet nothing from these ghostly associates of Mr Masterson ??
    Who are these ghosts of the night Mr Masterson speaks of ??
    In fact, just who is Mick Masterson these days, along with his ghostly property on our seafront..
    Does he live on OUR beach, as once reported by the press as to owning it….
    The Gazette does struggle for news media at times we know, but, just how much news space has it printed on this latest adventure into dream works or Disney Land…
    you are all – “My Jaywick” Folk..
    Jaywick is ours, we live here, we retired here, we continue to like it here even if those who still work, we must like it here, we, now sadly just me, “we” retired early here to My Jaywick, we, love it here, or at least, I still do,
    and hope you all still do too.
    We, no, I have been here happily now heading for 15 years worth of living in My Jaywick, yet I have a neighbour who has been here more than 30 years, yet still loves it here also..
    But please, no more diversification of My Jaywicks groups..
    Been there – seen that – escaped from the nightmares of it all..
    Have a nice day all,

  3. David Baker says:

    This has been raised at least twice since I’ve lived in Jaywick Sands but has either been disregarded or rejected by residents. The biggest stumblingblock for most of the Community organisations here is that of being viewed by many as dominated, wrongly in my experience, by non-residents and therefore of little or no relevance to their lives. Thus by far, the biggest problem is a total lack of engagement by the majority, until a specific item might impact them. So ultimately a Parish Council would be just one more tier of Bureaucracy that they would have to pay for and except for a few interested individuals, have next to no interaction with.
    Also has Mr Masterson, following his rubbishing of the Forum, actually done any canvassing of local opinion other than from his ‘Associates’.

  4. Carol Churcher says:

    This has to be the way forward for Jaywick Sands. We need to be more involved with the managing of our Parish

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