Talk about Taking the Mickey

I note that what appears the same landowner/developer that currently has three approved planning applications in Jaywick Sands, namely:-

7 Sea Pink Way, 23-27 Brooklands and 32-37 Brooklands which to date are showing no signs of development has now put in a further application for more flats at 42-46 Brooklands Gardens.

Whilst not wishing to halt progress of these developments, I would question the sense of so many substantial applications the 3 approved being between 11 months and a year since approval was granted, yet zero signs of progress. It seriously begins to look as if the applicant has no desire to build, simply to sell land on with planning permission. The problem being while they wait to clean up financially the rest of us have to put up with the accumulation of rubbish on open derelict sites.

Photo-00127 Sea Pink Way 7th January 2018

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