Environment – Not so much a Rant as a simple Obervation

For several years now it has been widely touted that it was those born before about 1980 that were totally responsible for the environmental problems we have now. I would just like to point out that as far as recycling goes most did it without knowing it actually had a name. It was just one more way to save money. Before the boom in plastic packaging which was going to be so cheap and good for the environment, we had glass and paper, not always the most convenient, but always recyclable. Now it seems that one of the biggest threats to the natural world is the amount of plastic trash that we as the supposedly most intelligent life form on Earth produce. The cost of clearing up this disaster is phenomenal and of course will trickle down and fall on the man/woman in the street, not on the businesses and governments that encouraged it in the first place. They are all too busy preaching how WE must do our bit to save the planet by recycling, re-purposing, reusing, the buzz words just keep coming.

This cartoon to me epitomises how the eco fanatics have taken over common sense in favour of bully boy tactics. Instead of encouraging people to dry their laundry in a natural way, they insist that their dryers like kettles and vacuum cleaners should be lower powered to slow the use of fossil fuels. All it actually does is make people use them for longer periods to achieve the same result.

Laundry Day

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