New GP Appointment system

Had to go to Green Elms yesterday for a blood test. In addition to yet another survey form to complete, I was handed a leaflet outlining how you will be able to make a GP appointment from January 10th next year.

Maybe I missed the announcement, but I cannot recall this ever having been previously mentioned though it seems the new super duper phone system is in place so it is obviously something that has been in the pipeline for some time.

So for anyone that was unaware of the impending change the link below is to the leaflet


GP Surgery Changes



Get the ACE spin at

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2 Responses to New GP Appointment system

  1. admin says:

    So sorry to hear about Joyce, I know you have both been battling your illnesses for such a long time.
    I believe the new doctor you mean is Gresham and if it is I can only agree that he is the first one there for a long time that actually listens to you without just overriding your own thoughts.
    This latest farce being perpetrated by ACE seems like yet another way of delaying seeing a ‘proper’ Doctor in favour of being fobbed off with who knows what. Whilst spending massive amounts of money on tech that will probably fail within the month.

  2. ian burit says:

    Had a letter posted to me about this the other week, must be due to the fact it seems I am a high user of GroanElms.
    Must admit there new younger male doctor does try very hard, with my case he successfully added yet another tab to combat my blood pressure, and it works, so top man.
    On the other hand, The practice failed to spot my wife had terminal brain cancer for 6 months, but with a family member being a paramedic, she spotted something was very unwell with my Joyce and so called an ambulance for her Immediately….Then It began.
    Colchester Hospital (soon to change its name yet again) blue lighted Joyce to Queens Romford for her brain op but they were chasing an already 6 month plus Illness so could only do what they could… Upon starting Radiotherapy and Chemo In Colchesters very good units, my wife spent 6 weeks at 5 days per week, then a further period of chemo and we as a family cannot fault there work, nurses & doctors at all …. sadly Joyce became Ill yet again and so was admitted to Colchester hospital and was there for nearly 2 months then admitted to Tall Tress care home as a home of our choice, and they too were brilliant…. Dear Joyce only lasted 6 weeks there passing on December 14th…I and family wonder if an earlier diagnosis by GroanElms would have prolonged my wife’s life? but we will never know I guess …
    My own meeting with GroanElms newest Idea of a “health champion” (or whatever she`s called) was a bit negative as she Insisted my diabetes was my all enveloping Illness and refused to listen to my comments of my 25 years as both In and outpatient at this counties best ENDOCRINE unit, Saint Bartholomew Hospital, Central London and proceeded to berate me for “not sticking to dietary rules” and was concerned of my kidneys, not listening to my Informing her of my main Illness, “Conn’s Syndrome” but looked at me with a “whats that” kind of look…lol.. (benign tumour on my adrenal glands/ kidneys) but just placing me in the group of – he`s only Jaywickian so dont know what he`s talking about kind of attitude….LOL…. I think I know my Illnesses and body more than anyone eh?….. GroanElms are trying hard maybe but still letting people down, so who`s fault is that really ??

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