Your Digital Footprint

Much has and no doubt will be written about the perils of using the internet, but having read an article where someone tried to go ‘off grid’ and felt isolated by the experience I just had to put forward this comment that was made, which I think sums up so much how mindlessly some approach the internet and in particular so-called Social Media, which is quite often just the opposite. –

“the risk of having your wallet stolen is part of walking down a physical street.” Theoretically yes, as also is the risk of being hit by a vehicle, or a tile falling from a roof. But I’ve managed to avoid it for 78 years. On the other hand, if I’ve had scammers steal my card details when I’ve bought goods online, and if they hack into a company’s database they can steal the data for millions of people, not just one person’s wallet. As for “the cultural and social isolation he felt while trying to protect himself from the existence of a digital footprint”, I don’t use facebook, twitter or any of the others, yet I have friends and a social life. I do bank online, organise my energy provider, buy many things in the course of a year, but as I don’t put details of my life on social media for the whole world to read the main risk to my security is a dishonest employee somewhere, which is equally possible when I’ve purchased something in a shop.

Yet again a dose of common sense from one of the older generation.

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