Promises, Promises, but no Big Surprises from ECC

I think it reasonable to say that when Essex County Council announced it was going to put £5 million into upgrading the unadopted roads in Jaywick Sands, most residents were both sceptical, but hopeful.

But over the course of the last couple of years, they have, to some degree, kept their promise.

However, as per expectations of a lot of people, it has become all too apparent that the overarching aim of ECC has less to do with improving the situation of residents and more with creating a favourable impression for the media and visitors.
The initial works in Brooklands, a highly publicised part of Jaywick were supposed to be followed by similar improvements in Grasslands, never featured in media coverage.
But, shock of shocks the budget had been depleted by an overspend on Brooklands. So we were told that the remaining funds would be spent on drainage inspection and improvements to the ‘Sea Ways’ between the Broadway and the Promenade.
Which resulted in all new roads being constructed.In addition, the pavement on the Seaward side of the Broadway was resurfaced, despite being in no worse state than the opposite side.

Beach Way, Sea Way, Lake Way, Yew Way, Fern Way and Gorse Way received what could most charitably be described as a ‘patch up’ job to the concrete surfaces to borderline Bodge it and Run.

Eventually, when new funding was allocated, the works in Grasslands were begun as was the tarmacking of Belsize Avenue to the Martello Tower.

There was then a hiatus to accommodate the Summer Holiday season.

Finally, at the end of September, the entrance into Gorse Way was Tarmacked and work was begun on Belsize Avenue leading to the Caravan Park.

However, when the Tarmac patching of two areas in Gorse Way was queried, the response was:

“I can confirm that there was never an intention to tarmac Gorse Way in its entirety.”

Something which most of the residents of those roads had thought to be the case.

“Some areas on various roads were marked up for consideration in the road plans but not all were included due to restricted budgets.”
That was a bit of a knockback as most of the damage had been marked up many months before.
So yet again an area away from media scrutiny and regular visitor access was to be overlooked, what a surprise.
Finally, after providing details of the potholing in Gorse Way the patches were installed near the end of October.
Meanwhile, in Beach Way, now after four weeks plus of works, (longer than the whole time spent on Gorse Way, Sea Way, Lake Way, Yew Way and Fern Way) that have seen the aprons on both sides of the road being concreted despite some being at best a foot wide and several yards being completely concreted.

Strange how the budget suddenly ran to works being done in a more visible area.

Photo-0011 Photo-0012 Photo-0013 Photo-0015 Photo-0016
In Gorse Way, the concrete section of which is certainly no wider than Beach Way there are puddles on both sides and patches that are cracking up after less than a year. There are drains in the puddled areas, but because of there being no higher surface around them have zero effect

Photo-0002 Photo-0006

So excuse me for being less than enamoured with the ECC Highways priorities, which as ever seems more based on PR than need.

Those in the less publicised area of Jaywick Sands obviously need to make more noise to be acknowledged or heard by Essex County Council.

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3 Responses to Promises, Promises, but no Big Surprises from ECC

  1. ian burit says:

    Allen, I have been on the jaywick forum on and off over the years and the biggest “fight” was getting non Brooklander forum members to actually LISTEN to reality of those, me Included, who live on Brooklands, in there aims, wants and wishes…
    I even had one ex councillor telling me we never had street lights, another forum member refusing to believe we had our main road swept, and a prominent member just refusing to listen to issues I raised on various occasions as, I lived in Brooklands……lol
    I am a “proud Brooklander” – end of, always was, always will be, but, I pride myself on owning my plots and whats within my boundary lines of them, unlike many, but not all, of those who live here rent free (almost)..
    People outside of Brooklands have there own Issues or perceptions of us “poor” Brooklanders when Infact there are a few like minded Brooklanders who have more than enough money & means to live almost anywhere in the word, BUT, no one would ever believe that due to outsiders views of those I speak of..
    One neighbour must have lived here for 30 or so years, and tells me stories of seas that brought so much stones & shingle over the sand depleted beach it left the then only road out completely Impassable making it Impossible for him to travel on to work at 4am on a monday morning to manage the building of one of many British motorways, A motorway building manager living in Brooklands ? surely not, but TRUE.. Another Man & his wife who owned a multi ¬£million company, had 2 private light aircraft, a lifelong member of a flying club near Ongar, but chose to live in BROOKLANDS ? surely not, but true again…..Then theres “poor” little old me, not famous (unless you count my banger & stock car titles won in 14 years racing) but when at work, on nights, 14 hours a night sometimes 12 nights in my “week”, producing components for both AIRBUS and Rolls Royce aero engine parts, some of which no one else produced in either Europe or the world, but “poor” old me just doing my job but with great pride, just getting the parts “out the door” for the morning collection (after passing stringent CNC checking machine processes), but I done that thing till early retirement to – Brooklands, but I am “still” a no nothing Brooklander as its seen in many other pairs of disbelieving eyes by inward looking outsiders….lol
    The single biggest gripe given by Brooklanders ALWAYS has been outsiders telling us – “what we want”…LOL….
    The single biggest gripe by OUTSIDERS is & always is they just dont understand that Brooklanders mostly like what we have got, err, the reason many of us put our money on the table and bought places here…
    Its quaint, quiet (mostly) as we got the same thing for free that the many thousands of tin hut dwellers/ holiday makers who mass close by get, yet they still walk / drive past thinking there excessively over priced little tin boxes in any of the local camps – “are actually better than us”… hahahahahahahaaaaaa…But wait, was I not also one of “them”, the weekenders, motorway driving nutters who flock here as many times a season till it ends, to wait, pining away till the start of the new season, to flock back, driving past, looking, saying, “How do they live like that all close together”.. yet arriving from terraced housing or multi story blocks or posh semi detached “like wot I got once” all yearning for sea, sands and fresh air?…. that us Brooklanders get for FREE….lol……….Yes, I too was one of them strange thinking bloody tourists……….Happy days then….
    Our new upgraded roads do infact have one major flaw inbuilt within them, some twats still believe they can, and they do, drive up and down them at silly fast speeds, inducing an accident waiting to happen with the elderly or children playing happily on them, until I step in and “have a word”
    Is it now time to press for a blanket LEGALLY ENFORCED 20 MPH speed limit that the rear of Brooklands has had since its 1996 building, through, Lotus Way, Midway and Brooklands Gardens East ?……. before someone gets seriously Injured or worse ?
    I once pushed very hard for traffic calming humps to be placed on the Seawall Road in Brooklands, the chief Inspector of Essex Police “at that time” quoted me in saying, unless someone is killed or seriously Injured nothing can be done !!!!
    I`ve tried very hard on and off over the years to help out in My Jaywick, but it became a full time unpaid job without any of my travel expenses paid, and so, 6 years later I just walked away from it all after a TDC councilor tore me off a strip for being 10 minuets late for a meeting – In my rush i went to the wrong venue !! so was late when i arrived at the correct one.. lol.. I looked him In the eyes and said “F*ck you” closed my diary and walked out….lol
    It opened my eyes on the bigots who tell us “what we want”….plus the underhand way “some” councils run, yes

  2. ian burit says:

    An Interesting read from a non Brooklander I believe.
    Living close to our seawall for the last 14 years I have seen much of our estates roads surface ranging from not too bad to downright horrific, most of which has been seen by television viewers worldwide including RUSSIA ..
    I fortunately have 2 roads that access my properties boundaries and use both for different reasons, but prior road reclamation, my access parts were both in very good condition thankfully, all part of my reason of property purchase in the beginning.
    Those that know me also know of my Involvement with my community for “some years” having untold meetings with just about everyone at TDC and some with outside sources for roughly a 6 year period.
    I fought for MY JAYWICK for what seemed a long time, also being Involved in various community projects to Include the first & few of the original Jaywicks Summer Fayre`s plus various years helping out on Jaywick`s clean up days…
    It came as no surprise to be told the very first road to undergo complete remaking was Essex Avenue as I once was filmed by a ECC unit on what I felt was most Important in Jaywick`s regeneration.
    So, they came, they dug up, they pondered, they devised a plan, they delivered the very first completed new road and surface water drainage to Essex Avenue for many many years….
    Now going slightly off track (no pun Intended!) when the very tops of Brooklands roads were re made, during the cutting away of the Brooklands Sea Wall road surface “in part” at each Avenue, there was seen as clear as day, the ORIGINAL road water drainage channels that had been cast in many years ago to drain away road standing rain water from the sea wall road to allow flowing down each avenue where these standing road water drainage channels existed that due to the descending road surfaces then led to the drainage dyke at the bottom of each road.. I guess it worked just fine for a few years until various new road toppings were added that filled thus blocking these original drain channels..
    Anyway, for the John Henry Group, Essex Avenue was a learning curve thus the reason it took so long to complete the whole road…. We residents were proud, people came and looked, tourists stared in disbelief, everyone was happy, except those other residents who still wadded or drove through 3rd world country styled roads….
    John Henry managers then had a working Idea of what to expect on the rest of the roads still yet to start…………Time came and went, more “Avenues” got remade everyone was happy except those still waiting for there`s to be done but also the outcry became a chorus from residents outside on us so called down & dirty Brooklanders, but, we continued to “get ours done AT LAST”
    During this period we also had begun our 2 stage home Insulation & heating debacle by 2 opposing groups fighting for superiority, one being a quite good companies offerings, the others a not so good one, and so it continued…Now this also, was Infact started in my “road” with the first of the few being my property alongside my next door neighbours, and to be honest, a complete ball*up it was too, so me being me was on the phone to there head office to arrange a managers meeting in my home the following day…. I was furious at the way the work had been planned, with one companies workers going in and out our outside doors all day plus the window fitting teams having taking out our perfectly good 4 year old windows IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, with no provision for temporary heating being made available to us needy “old folks” lol….And so it changed almost over night with the supply of electric oil filled heaters on loan for the duration of work in each home…. My anger at the mess just left outside was remedied with clear up teams, and the original outside finish coats of a white texture coating that NEVER dried in winter temperatures was dropped in favour of a better product that dried prior to the pebble dashing with white polar chippings, but the heating & hot water system was so far a real delight to have installed and used.. (fingers crossed)
    My second road access was started before one christmas, left for some weeks during and after 1 christmas all ready for final toppings of tarmac, but the John Henry workers ensured my rear access was left in a usable state to get my car in & out my rear driveway, but, my old landrover realistically could drive anywhere bless it, but, the thought was there, so well done…
    Now some years later, my views on it all ?? …. can only give praise for both projects being completed, both look good and both “does what it says on the box”..
    Moaners & outsiders = NIL, Jaywikians & Brooklanders = 1
    sorry to offend some but can only give my take on it all..

  3. Allan Holmes says:

    I’ve always said that the roads that were/are done up were never for the residents. As you say in this article they were made to look like they are doing something which also made the area look attractive, but it was never about the residents. It is though everything about making it look attractive for any media that cares to come this way but mainly about investors. We now see what these investors intend to build and what Paul Honeywell has in mind. As I said sometime ago at the forum this man is not to be trusted.

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