Nationalist? Surely Not.

For all those who think that Great Britain is exhibiting some sort of xenophobia or nationalistic tendencies in parting from the EU, not Europe, just the anti democratic organisation that rules our lives. I would suggest they take note of the new French  President Emmanuel Macron.

Who in order to prevent the Italians taking over the French Naval Dockyards in Saint-Nazaire has nationalised them.

From the Daily Telegraph 27th July 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron has temporarily nationalised France’s biggest shipyards to prevent an Italian takeover, ripping up a prior agreement in a protectionist move that has infuriated Rome and startled EU capitals.

The government blocked the sale of STX France to the Italian group Fincantieri in order to “defend the strategic interests of France”, using a ‘pre-emption’ right to buy all shares.

The aim is to safeguard 7,000 jobs in the Atlantic port of Saint-Nazaire and ensure that the French state has a controlling influence over military infrastructure for building warships and aircraft carriers.

It is the first big industrial decision since Mr Macron took office in May and raises questions about his free market principles and pro-European rhetoric. During the election campaign, he struck up a very different tone. “Protectionism is warfare, it’s a lie,” he said.

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