‘Anti’ Social Media?

Having engaged with several contributors on Twitter, most often lately over the EU referendum and obviously most recently the merits or otherwise of the Parliamentary contenders of the upcoming election.

Well, yesterday I engaged with a Tweeter who pompously called themselves ‘Diana the Scientist’  whose profile proclaims ‘Scientist & Writer Anti-Brexit, dream of making my book into a film, includes diverse people although publisher white-washed it. So hoping to republish.’

Given all this, you might think that such a person would relish a reasoned discussion, but sadly like so many self-proclaimed liberals, the case seems to be the exact opposite. viz; the following Twitter exchange.











I had intended to carry on in the vein that the Railways were for the most part back in Public ownership via Network Rail because they’re doing such a bang up job. Also that the Railways had been at its most successful in terms of passenger numbers and availability pre-nationalisation and post-nationalisation.

But like every other self-appointed liberal, supposedly intelligent Remoaner she chose to not just disengage, but actively block my posts. So yes a good little EU drone, Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good soundbite or story. Only preach to the converted.

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