Happy 10th Birthday to the Friends of Jaywick Library

Saturday 8th April saw a celebration of the 10th year of the all-volunteer run Library in Jaywick.

Brought about when Essex County Council decided in its wisdom to close the Library and transfer it to the Academy in Jaywick Lane away from any regular bus route, well thought out as usual, NOT.

Anyway this annoyed a number of people who formed the Friends of Jaywick Library and after the usual bureaucratic delays and holdups finally opened the doors of the first all volunteer Library in the country in April 2007.

If you are able to spare 2 or 3 hours a week to volunteer to keep this valuable Community Hub up and open for business, then call 01255 432869 or pop along to Golf Green Hall between 10 am and noon Monday to Wednesday, or between 2 pm and 4 pm Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday.

A Clacton Gazette story one year after the Opening:

Jaywick Library goes from Strength to Strength


Pictures from the 10th Anniversary by Joy Baker


Pictures from the 10th Anniversary by David & Jackie Booth


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