TDC – Another Day Another Daft Idea

Council Benefits Office Opening Hours Cut to Force People Online

Yet another crackpot idea by another of the UKip traitors to cut costs at the expense of those that can probably least afford it.

John Hughes Portfolio Holder for Revenues and Benefits and a man with no published council email address has the nerve to advocate that Benefit Claimants should be encouraged, actually more like forced, to use online forms to apply rather than the face to face interview that has always been the norm. Several problems come to mind, production of documentary proofs so beloved by the Benefits department. Having different opening times for different days of the week, causing more confusion. Not everyone has access to, or the ability or desire to operate a Computer or other internet device.

I hesitate to say that this plan was ill thought out, as the idea that any thought actually went into it seems unlikely, and if as it seems Mr Hughes is not a fan of technology invading his life, then by what right does he push for others to use it.

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