Tick the Box or Else

Frinton Pre-School to relaunch after committee refuses government mandates

Oh how typical of the box ticking culture that seems so beloved by government these days. For 30 years and even now the Pre school has provided a good service to its children, even by the nit picking standards of Ofsted. But because they refuse to comply with the latest tick box to be added they are downgraded from Good to Requires Improvement. It sometimes seems like all of these so called inspection bodies keep adding layer upon layer of regulations just to justify their existence. It used to be said those that can do, those that can’t teach. I think that should be changed from those that can teach, those that can’t work for Ofsted.
It just beggars belief that because they refuse to cowtow to yet more legislation, they require improvement because they don’t understand the rules. When basically they understand, but do not wish to comply. A terrible offence in the eyes of the paper pushers in Whitehall.

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