Barrack the Blackmailer

Nice to see Obama has displayed his true crooked roots, by threatening that ‘Britain will be at the back of the queue in trade deals with the USA if we leave the EU’. Well given the 266% tariffs on Steel from the UK which it seems is lumped together with Brazil, India, Japan, Korea and Russia as well as their main target China.┬áThe concept of a ‘Special Relationship’ is now a complete and utter farce, and being part of the EU has done us no good at all.

Several people have warned about leaving following comments from the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, but

Lord King, the previous Governor of the BOE said that the issue of the EU’s membership was a “big, big question”, and one that “that cannot be reduced, simply to the simple-minded level of a cost-benefit analysis”.

He continued: “I’m old enough to remember the referendum in Britain in 1975 on exactly the same issue. The one thing that both sides of the argument then were wrong about was that it would make a dramatic difference. It didn’t.

“I think it’s very important that people should not exaggerate the impact, either of staying in or of leaving.

“I do worry that people on both sides treating this as a public relations campaign rather than as a debate on the future of our country are inclined to exaggerate because they feel they are selling a position.

“What is more important is that we have a calm and reflective debate about the role of Britain in Europe. Our relationship with a continent which we have struggled with for several hundred years.”

Posssibly the most sensible and level heaed public utterance about the whole debate.


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