Barrack Who?

So Barrack Obama thinks we should stay in the EU, well coming as he does from a city that is more famous for corrupt officials and politicians, seems quite fitting.

I don’t often agree with Boris Johnson, but for an American President to spout about relinquishing our sovereignty is a joke, the only agreements the USA has with its neighbour Canada is a Trade agreement, like we thought we were getting back in 1975.

Some former State department BS merchant was spouting this morning on BBC breakfast how the USA has always believed that Europe should become an integrated entity. That is not what Nixon pushed for back in the seventies, he was very much against our joining. Probably for the same reasons that it is often said America entered the Second World War, fear of German led Trade Tariffs and embargoes against US companies.

As Vernon Coleman has often referred to the European Union, as Hitler’s Bastard Love Child.

According to the American owned Newsquest group that owns the Gazette Newspapers, Barrack Obama got an Essex Welcome, noticed there was no by line to the PR release which is obviously just that. I just wonder if and when Essex will be reimbursed by the Government for all the additional security required to shield this lame duck of a President, who would do better to reflect on how he has brought his own country to its knees, rather than waxing lyrical about the ‘Special Relationship’ and using the old blackmail of how American Servicemen fought and died to save Europe, only for this excuse of a Leader to suggest that we hand everything over to the control of the corrupt yes men of the EU dominated by the various business interests who have no mandate to control our lives, save for the financial power that they exert.


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