Its Cart before Horse time Again

Well if there was any doubt before its now been proven we are governed by short sighted twits, who would rather spend Billions of pounds on an unnecessary High Speed Rail link, or two, than address the issue that they keep ramming down our throats, Global Climate Change. With the advent of the recent flooding disasters in the North it is all too clear that not enough is being done to stop or at least mitigate the worst effects of extreme weather events, which may or may not be caused by human intervention. Whilst the morons in Westminster intend to spend £2.3bn of planned capital spending on flood defences over the next six years it compares to £15bn on roads over the same period – and almost £16bn on high-speed rail.

Experts criticise George Osborne over flood protection funding

Personally I know where I’d rather see the money spent and its not on Vanity projects like HS2, which in all likelyhood will be washed away by the extreme weather conditions we keep being told to expect. Its just one more case of short term thinking by a government obsessed with a goal that is even further away than it was five years ago, but then if you have Mr. Bean in control of the finances what can you expect.

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