Call for potential temporary travellers’ sites in Essex

Isn’t it marvellous Essex County Council continues to moan about how much Government Funding it’s lost then this story appears:

Cut after cut of services to the people that pay for them, but its just fine to finance a lawless and freeloading lifestyle of a bunch of itinerants most of whom already have homes back in Ireland.

We’re so generous in this country, or rather the morons that govern us are so generous with our money.

As for our Police & Crime Commissioner

‘often to the frustration and distress of local residents and sometimes at the expense of local taxpayers if damage or mess is caused.A transit site would not only provide a managed and appropriate area for travellers passing through.’
Yet again the vision and hearing of Nick Alston is obviously impaired. ‘SOMETIMES’, this man and his whole farcical department should be abolished and the money saved put back into proper policing instead of his Social Commenting and BS.

If only they did just pass through, preferably on their way to Alston’s house and his fellow idiots at county hall. If they turned up on the forecourt or car park there, you can bet they’d soon be shifted, and exclusion orders flying all over the place.

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