I wish Cameron & Co. would just Frack off

Having dismissed Douglas Carswell’s question yesterday about progress, or rather lack there of with the EU on renegotiation:

Three years ago, the Prime Minister could not have been any clearer: his EU renegotiation would mean returning control over social and employment law. Is he still seeking that?

The Prize moron’s reply:

I always find it hard to satisfy the hon. Gentleman: he joined the Conservative party when we were not committed to a referendum and he left the Conservative party after we committed to a referendum, so I am not surprised that he is giving his new boss as much trouble as he used to give me. With that, I wish them both a very festive Christmas.

As Carswell said, School boy humour, not what you should expect from a so called adult Statesman. Who holds the future of us all in his grasping sweaty palms.

Couple this with all the deals being done by the EU with the likes of Turkey, in our name. It really is time to get out of this Federal Fiasco, before we are consumed by its power grabbing tentacles.

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