In or Out?

Well the latest edict from dictator Cameron just about puts the cherry on the cake.

Not content with delaying a referendum on the EU until 2017, so he can be seen to negotiate better terms for the UK. Meanwhile we all know that the primary issue we have with the Brussels bureaucrats is the extreme freedom of movement predominently into the UK by foreign nationals, which they will in no way tighten, but he loves to be seen doing the best for us.

Not content with laughing up his sleeve over that, he now proclaims that any Conservative Minister that does not back his Pro Europe stance should resign. Everyone knows that the 2 year delay is purely for the sake of appearances, very little, if anything will change that benefits the UK. So might I suggest that if Mr David Cameron is such a great believer in Europe, that he should resign if the vote is to come out. Sauce for the goose and all that.

As for Obama sticking his nose in, I really do wish just for once he would worry more about what his policies are doing to his own country, than trying to impose his pathetic ideas on the rest of the world. His only object is to keep Europe as a block to apply pressure on Russia, all at our expense of course.

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