What a Bunch of *****

With reference to the proposed Anti-UKip protest in Clacton on Saturday, its about time that the Colchester Trades Union Council [a] Kept its nose out of other Towns business and [b] Actually did something in support of its members rather than trying to influence political opinions. Because having watched the cowering figure of Ed Milliband on Question Time Special last night, I am now even more convinced that a politician that cannot fake sincerity has no place in Government. Of the four Party leaders I watched last night he was the least convincing of all.

When questioned about the fact of Ed Balls laughing off the infamous ‘theres no money left’ letter as a joke, he vehemently said that Ed Balls would make a good chancellor, given that he only got the job because he helped stab Milliband’s brother in the back does not instill confidence. Again when questioned about the massive overspending of the last 13 years of Labour stupidity, he denied that they had overspent, well having nearly Bankrupted the UK I and many independent economists would beg to differ.

If I were involved with the Colchester Trades Union Council, I would be more interested in getting a straight answer from the man that seems to have no real answers just more rhetoric and ideological dogma and fatuous proposals to tax anyone that actually earns money independently of the state, than protest against a party that does at least offer costed real proposals for getting this country back to some sort of reality, albeit that those who are in love with being kept by the state might find it unpalatable.

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