Self Serving Clap Trap

I refer to a news item on the TDC website ‘Work with private landlords to continue to improve standards’. Talk about blowing your own trumpet.

The presentation at the Princes Theatre was purely a publicity exercise by the DWP to extol the virtues of the new Universal Credit scheme, which given my experience of this particularly government agency is likely to lead to an increase in the number of evictions for non payment of rent and even more cost to the state. This is also borne out by the increase in the amount of arrears that occurred when they were trialling this one size fits all system with various Local Authority and Housing Associations. All of whom are now demanding the restoration of direct payment to Landlords because of the amounts of arrears that were occurring. Not something by the way that is readily available to Private Landlords, as they are not considered ‘Trusted Partners’ by the high and mighty DWP.

All I can say is with the advent of Universal Credit and the possibility of the lunatic ideas of chairman Millibandit, I would not like to be a renter in the private sector on benefits, watching not only the increase in Rents, but the reduction in availability.

As for TDC’s claim that they regularly visit properties, I would have some reservations, the only time I have known anyone to visit from the Council is if a Tenant makes a complaint, so the claim of: Tendring District Council (TDC) works closely with the landlords to get the best possible conditions for tenants is very spurious. Unless you count threats of legal action as ‘Working Closely’.

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