Top Gear RIP?

You have to admire the shear arrogance of the BBC to have a spokesmen come out and say effectively that Top Gear existed before Jeremy Clarkson and will carry on without him.

Yes it did exist, but it was for the most part just a dry technical look at vehicles, it was not until the introduction of James May and Richard Hammond along with Clarkson that the show started to enjoy the international success that it does today. Their presence has made it into a show where entertainment, sometimes very off the wall, is the key factor, the cars are literally just a vehicle for the entertainment.

Along with their arrogance it seems that hypocrisy still reigns at the BBC, apparently a story in one of todays papers says that although he has been sacked by the BBC they still want Jeremy Clarkson to take part in the live shows. Must have been a really serious offence.

Had the BBC still been run by the hypocritical and moralising Lord Reith, I would have expected Jeremy Clarkson would have gone a long time ago, in fact would probably never have been employed. But given that the BBC is a business you expect the moralising and hypocrisy to be tempered by pragmatism. Yes if he did hit his producer he should suffer some sort of punishment, suspension, fine or even possibly Police prosecution, but why effectively shoot yourself in the foot for the sake of appearances. Especially given all of the predatory behaviour that was allowed to go on at the BBC over the last few decades.

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