Flim Flam?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I was of the belief that Inflation was based on the cost of those items that constituted, maybe not essentials for everyday life, but at least items that the majority of the population buy on a regular basis.

To now be told that the basket of items is now to include things like E-cigarettes, Games Console on line subscriptions, streaming music subscriptions, protein powders, headphones, craft beers, mobile phone accessories to name but a few. Seems to me not only perverse, but totally removed from the real world.

If I were of a cynical nature, I might think that these items had been added to mask the ever increasing cost of those items that are essential to all people, like food, clothing and energy etc. These new additions are in a large part technology based and as with all tech the price tends to reduce rather than go up. They are not commodities, they are consumer durables which have very little relevance to a vast swathe of the population.

So yet again the smart alecs in Whitehall seem intent on hoodwinking us with yet more smoke and mirrors.

Just like their trick of effectively trying to relieve Business’ of somewhere in the region of £1billion in Business Rates over assessment. The Co-Op alone reckon they are owed some £30million, and unless those affected make a claim by the end of March 2015 all that cash will remain in the Treasury.

This from the same people who demonise those who receive Benefit overpayments, or try to AVOID Tax, whilst they are quite happy to make cosy little arrangements with big corporations and banks to pay the absolute minimum in Tax.

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