The Energy Companies are at it Again!

First it was the cost of oil, then gas, now the big six energy companies are claiming, spuriously, that the Regulator’s, Ofgem, push to simplify tariffs will drive up the cost to consumers. You just got to love the pathetic excuses they come up with, but they continue to get away with it because Ofgem has no power to cap the ridiculously high price.

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, how is it that in the USA, Florida Power and Light can provide a service where the electric meters are read monthly. Giving you a chance to keep ahead of your bills and at the same time charge a unit rate that is less than half that of the UK Energy scammers, and has not increased substantially for over 2 years. Just one Tariff?

Energy Market Reforms will Raise Prices, Claim Big Six Providers

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