Nationalist? Surely Not.

For all those who think that Great Britain is exhibiting some sort of xenophobia or nationalistic tendencies in parting from the EU, not Europe, just the anti democratic organisation that rules our lives. I would suggest they take note of the new French  President Emmanuel Macron.

Who in order to prevent the Italians taking over the French Naval Dockyards in Saint-Nazaire has nationalised them.

From the Daily Telegraph 27th July 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron has temporarily nationalised France’s biggest shipyards to prevent an Italian takeover, ripping up a prior agreement in a protectionist move that has infuriated Rome and startled EU capitals.

The government blocked the sale of STX France to the Italian group Fincantieri in order to “defend the strategic interests of France”, using a ‘pre-emption’ right to buy all shares.

The aim is to safeguard 7,000 jobs in the Atlantic port of Saint-Nazaire and ensure that the French state has a controlling influence over military infrastructure for building warships and aircraft carriers.

It is the first big industrial decision since Mr Macron took office in May and raises questions about his free market principles and pro-European rhetoric. During the election campaign, he struck up a very different tone. “Protectionism is warfare, it’s a lie,” he said.

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Appliance Safety

In case anyone is unaware, following the Grenfell Tower Fire, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging residents to register all household appliances with so they can keep up-to-date with the latest product and safety information.

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Regeneration Maybe – At last

The long-awaited regeneration of Jaywick Sands is finally set to get under way, at least according to this week’s Gazette.

What will hopefully be the first visible sign, the construction of ten new Flood resilient homes.

It is hoped to encourage commercial investment to enable the development of more affordable rented and for purchase homes.

I notice in the Gazette article the usual comments from naysayers. As usual initially deriding the idea that Jaywick Sands could improve. Then asking why when “I just don’t see the point in trying to force regeneration in an area with a hardcore of residents who like it the way it is, but are hoping for a handout or two.”

Like some residents I have spoken to, I have my doubts as to whether the scheme will ultimately succeed, but given the ‘slash and burn’ policies that have been advocated by all in power previously. Plus the fact that whatever government we end up with, ‘handouts’ are not likely to be forthcoming, commercial investment is the only real route, if existing residents want to retain what they have

I take particular objection to comments like “Big investors want returns on their cash, that means people and customers who are prepared to pay good money for things and for other people, once they are built, to maintain them to a high standard. Good luck with that in Jaywick.”

Given the drastic improvement that has happened since the road improvement, I would beg to differ. Both Freeholders and Tenants, obviously not all, but a heck of a lot have gone out of their way to improve their surroundings and their own homes. Basically a more optimistic outlook on the place you live and life in general.

Another comment that was made, very reasonably was: “Why is Jaywick the most deprived place in the country? Thats quite an achievement, beating entries from Glasgow, South Wales and Tyneside is really something. I really don’t get it, so all answers considered”

I would suggest that it keeps being judged so low because of the fact that the 3 areas mentioned have received, at least according to official figures, millions in subsidy and grants and whilst ECC have calculated Jaywick Sands as having the socio-economic characteristics of an inner city area and the 2006 Masterplan fiasco was referred to as Urban Regeneration. It continues to receive crumbs from the table rather than proper funding.

I really would love to see comments from Residents of Jaywick Sands, but particularly Brooklands and Grasslands who will inevitably see the biggest changes.


Jaywick Sands site new builds back

From the TDC News Page 26/5/2017:

Plans have been submitted for ten new two bedroomed homes to be built in Jaywick Sands.

An application has been submitted to Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Planning Department for the £1 million-plus scheme.

Five of the new three-storey homes will be Starter Homes, sold at a discounted price and five will be Council homes for local residents.

The application will now go through the normal procedure and be determined in due course.

Work was carried out earlier this week to remove and relocate any reptiles from the site on the corner of Tamarisk Way and Lotus Way this week.

That has now been completed under the guidance of a team from Essex Wildlife Trust and further ground preparation works will begin.

The land is part of 28 hectares which has been bought by Tendring District Council (TDC) as part of the continued regeneration of the area.

There will be no living accommodation on the ground floor which will be for garaging and a pre-constructed high-efficiency timber-framed system has been designed for the top two floors which will include two bedrooms.

The main work will require putting in piling for the structures which can then be delivered, made water tight and put onto a prepared base within the day.

The roof and external cladding can then be fitted.

Nigel Brown, TDC’s Communications Manager, said that the submission of the planning application is a further step forward for the proposal.

“The clearance of the ground of any reptiles was concluded satisfactorily and a number of slow worms were discovered and have since been relocated,” he said.

“Residents in Jaywick Sands will soon see other preparation work being undertaken on the site and if we get the necessary planning permission the Council will proceed with putting up the homes.

“We hope if everything goes to plan that will begin later this summer.”

Hopefully, there then might follow some real improvement, only time will tell.

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Why Immigration will Never Cure World Poverty

While this is an American video it demonstrates in a very simple way why Mass Immigration can never solve World Poverty, and in some cases is seen as a method of white genocide, some may consider that extreme.

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The Future?

Can someone older or wiser or maybe both, explain why since the idea that Brexit is happening, so many of the entitled generation seem obsessed with knowing what the future holds as if somehow being part of the farcical Eurocracy that is the EU provided some sort of certainty.
I actually listened to some deluded 20-year-old student on YouTube that phoned into LBC bemoaning the fact that he does not know what the next 50 years hold for him. Him and the rest of the world. But to then claim that is causing him so much stress seems like one more reason why the millennial generation is fast becoming as one motivational speaker said – ‘Millenials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness’

To use the classic comment, You could be run over by a bus tomorrow, the only certainties in life are death and taxes. I really do not understand that when we were stuck in the EU no one seemed that bothered by what deals were being done in our name, without our knowledge. But now that we are Leaving, hopefully, the divisive hair splitters like Tim Farron and his ilk want everyone to know everything, not the best negotiating position to be in, to make public any strategy that you might have just to keep nags like him happy.

Don’t get me wrong about the ‘Millenial’ generation, many do have a sound and traditional work ethic and in a just world should succeed in whatever they embark on. Sadly though it seems to be the ones that have managed to avoid even the semblance of real world everyday life, i.e. Part-time work to earn the money to pay for what you want rather than blag the Bank of Mum and Dad. Who continue to whine about the unfairness of it all. I understand now, that those of us that were ‘Baby Boomers’ are now referred to as the Selfish Generation. I actually responded to this comment, when I read it on Twitter.

Oddly I have yet to get a response.

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‘Anti’ Social Media?

Having engaged with several contributors on Twitter, most often lately over the EU referendum and obviously most recently the merits or otherwise of the Parliamentary contenders of the upcoming election.

Well, yesterday I engaged with a Tweeter who pompously called themselves ‘Diana the Scientist’  whose profile proclaims ‘Scientist & Writer Anti-Brexit, dream of making my book into a film, includes diverse people although publisher white-washed it. So hoping to republish.’

Given all this, you might think that such a person would relish a reasoned discussion, but sadly like so many self-proclaimed liberals, the case seems to be the exact opposite. viz; the following Twitter exchange.











I had intended to carry on in the vein that the Railways were for the most part back in Public ownership via Network Rail because they’re doing such a bang up job. Also that the Railways had been at its most successful in terms of passenger numbers and availability pre-nationalisation and post-nationalisation.

But like every other self-appointed liberal, supposedly intelligent Remoaner she chose to not just disengage, but actively block my posts. So yes a good little EU drone, Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good soundbite or story. Only preach to the converted.

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Happy 10th Birthday to the Friends of Jaywick Library

This gallery contains 185 photos.

Saturday 8th April saw a celebration of the 10th year of the all-volunteer run Library in Jaywick. Brought about when Essex County Council decided in its wisdom to close the Library and transfer it to the Academy in Jaywick Lane … Continue reading

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A Brave Man that Cannot be called an Islamaphobe

Someone sent me a tweet of this video by a Shiite Imam in Australia making a speech about why Islam needs a review. Only seven minutes, but it’s the sort of statement that some of our so-called leaders should be making if they were not so afraid of being called Islamaphobic or Racist. Definitely worth a watch:


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Ice Energy Update

Following up on Caryn’s comment on a previous Ice Energy Post, It seems that the company is basically shutting up shop:


Notice to Ice Energy Customers — Ice Energy Technologies

Since they posted this the following seems to have occured, Critchely’s the administrators say Ice energy is not yet in administration – they will be entering liquidation on 27th Feb. At this point letters will be sent out to customers.

Received a comment from Les Harwood on the previous Ice Energy post:

I paid Ice Energy for 5 years extended warranty in November last year. The other day I ‘stumbled’ upon the fact that Ice Enegy is no more. I’m about to raise a case with the credit card company as they would be able to refund me given the fact that they have gone out of business and nobody else will automatically step in take that servicing agreement up. I managed to dig up a name of a new company that many of the engineers have moved to –

Alto statement about Ice Energy Customer Support


Received update from Alto Energy today [22/03/2017]

UPDATE – For anyone that did not receive an email about it Alto Energy seem to have taken over from Ice Energy, but also includes a bit more info about who to contact if you have paid Ice for servicing and so have a financial claim against them. Email as follows:

Important Information For Ice Energy Customers


We are writing to confirm that Ice Energy Heat Pumps Ltd has been placed into liquidation.

All staff at Ice Energy were made redundant at the end of January and Critchleys LLP was appointed as liquidator at a creditors meeting held on the 27th February.

Any customers that placed deposits with Ice Energy, or have any other type of claim, should direct this claim to Critchleys in the first instance:

 FAO Andy Loyd
Critchleys LLP

Following their redundancy a number of former Ice Energy employees have since established a new company called Alto Energy limited. Alto Energy has subsequently acquired a number of Ice Energy assets from the liquidator including the website and the newsletter subscription list, hence our ability to now reach out to you with this information.

Separately to this, Alto Energy has also secured the IVT distribution agreement to the UK. After Ice Energy’s agreement was terminated as a result of their insolvency, IVT selected Alto Energy from a number of applicants due to its commitment to employ a critical volume of field engineers and in-house technical staff to enable legacy IVT customers to be supported. Please see our Alto Energy website here.

So if you placed an order with Ice Energy that has not been completed or if you have any new projects for which you would like to receive a quotation please don’t hesitate to let the team at Alto Energy know.

Likewise if you require any form of maintenance, servicing, or just general technical advise on an existing Heat Pump installation that you previously ordered from Ice Energy then please consider the Technical Support team here at Alto your first port of call.

We look forward to hearing from you and advising further.

Alto Energy: The new home for the design, supply, commission, support and service, of all your heat pump and underfloor systems.

Please contact us at Alto Energy using the button below and we will be happy to help:



PLEASE NOTE: To continue to receive the latest News & Updates from Alto Energy please sign up here, otherwise you will be removed from this list.

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Luvvies Reunited

I think I’ve heard it all now, yet another celebrity has made a grovelling and embarassing apology to Europe for leaving the EU, not just for himself or even his own profession, but on behalf of the British people. Patrick Stewart may be revered in his chosen career, but has neither the right or any obligation to apologise for a whole country. There does seem to be some confusion amongst the acting profession that we are leaving Europe, bit difficult seeing as how the gap across the channel is as far as I am aware not radically changed. They seem to have a problem with the concept of a continent as opposed to a self serving, corrupt and fascistic organisation whose only purposes seem to be the overthrow of the Nation state and propping up the failing Euro regardless of the damaging implications for its member states.

What I find most hypocritical about the general Luvvies stance against BREXIT is the fact that most choose to live and work in the USA, a country where Nationalism is not just an idea, but a way of life. Meanwhile the liberal progressives who seem so prevalent amongst the financiers of the movie industry and claim to be fighting the system are the major voice to maintain the Status Quo that favours big business and entrenched politicians and are mindlessly followed by so many of the milennial/snowflake entitled generation both here and in the USA. Who all seem to embrace celebrity utterings rather than actually looking more closely for themselves, many of whom seem to believe that everything should come to them rather than having to work for it.

Then on top of that a Swedish MEP had the nerve to accuse Boris Johnson of Bad taste for refering to BREXIT as the Liberation of the UK from the EU.

Mrs Bildt, who is married to Sweden’s former Prime Minister Carl Bildt, said: “I would like to tell the foreign minister of the UK that the word liberation in the history of Europe has a very strong meaning.“In these challenging times talking about liberating Britain from the European Union is just bad taste.”

Appearing less than thrilled with the remark, Mr Johnson responded: “I say, come on. I have to say, I hesitate to accuse you of pomposity, but the word liberation clearly means … it’s etymologically equivalent to being freed.“And I’m afraid it’s an undeniable fact that we, the UK, has been unable to do, to run its own trade policy for 44 years.“We now have an opportunity to do exactly that. I think people should be very proud and very excited by that and that is exactly what we are.”Continuing, the former Mayor of London said the UK was fully within its rights to use to word ‘liberated’ talking about BREXIT, as he insisted Britons were finally regaining control from Brussels bigwigs.

He said: “And I want to reclaim the English language, if I may. There is absolutely no reason why I should not use the word ‘liberation’ to refer to our ability to take back control of our tariff schedules in Geneva and do our own free trade deals.

“And I’m sorry, but I’m going to disagree with you emphatically.”

All a bit rich coming from a Swede, a country that maintained a meticulous neutrality during the Second World War.

One of the EU’s BREXIT negotiators had the audacity to say that Sir Winston Churchill would have voted Remain – to stay in the European Union.

Two quotes by Churchill come to mind:

Britain could not be an ordinary member of a federal union limited to Europe in any period which can be…foreseen.’ – Winston Churchill

‘If you ask me to choose between Europe and the open sea, I choose the open sea.’ – Winston Churchill.

So perhaps yet one more thing the EU and it’s minions have got wrong.

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