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This is just to keep those that cannot make the meetings as up to date as possible:

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10 Responses to Jaywick Sands Forum

  1. Davie Drew says:

    Hello There

    My name is Davie Drew and I am an art photographer and I would like to do a project on Jaywick. The idea is to show that community survives even where it is failed by society. I want to create a series of images working with the Jaywick community treating it with the dignity and respect that it deserves. This would involve living in Jaywick for a two week period and immersing myself in the community for that time. If anyone has any advice please e-mail me at daviedrew@gmail.com and put Jaywick in the subject line.

    Best Wishes D

  2. Baz says:

    Would love to live in jaywick any places for rent asap,live in slough which,is worse than jaywick believe me

  3. jhihad says:

    i am disgraced at this abomination of a town. You all need to go to allah

    • admin says:

      Given the total lack of humanity displayed by the warring factions in the Middle East, all claiming to be devout followers of Islam. I can but wonder at the audacity of such a comment from yet another so called believer. We may not be a particularly prosperous community, but in general the inhabitants have a much more tolerant and kindly attitude even to sick souls like you.

    • ian says:

      oh dear, ethnics making comments on life that as far from there hometowns as they are from the white moon that shines upon all…
      jokes are an acceptable way of life so we accept that both you and comments are just a joke
      a sad joke on your part, but then, it is you will to be so….

  4. Friend of Jaywick says:

    i made a video about the latset attack on Jaywick. In fact I know somebody who lives in Clacton. you run a good website and I can see you are dedicated to improving jaywick. even so its hard for a small website even well written to compete with a campaign of national abuse being organised by London media

    why couldnt they have contacted you instead , they could have made a series showing all the nice homes that exist and all teh families that are house proud NOt on drugs NOT owning dangerous dogs NOT alcoholoc and NOT covered in tatoos

    sadly Channel 5 have done your town a lot of damage


    • ian says:

      after a few years of being a spokes person for jaywick (Brooklands) i felt it was time for others to do there bit so retired from doing so.
      I still have contact with many, but it seems some point the damned flow of tv researchers to my door to give my views of living in that most deplorable of places – BROOKLANDS………….lol
      GO AWAY TO TWISTED DAMNED LOT OF YOU – you Brooklands knockers……..lol
      OK, my wife and I retired some 10 years early to enable the later part of our lives to be stress free, unlike those of our workmates who were pushed to the limits by age and jobs.
      My wife was a nurse working 12 hour shifts then asked to work 2 extra days due to staffing problems..
      My job was a hi tech machinist in the aerospace parts manufactoring areas for both “AirBus” and “Rolls Royce” earo companies.
      I worked 12 – 14 hours a night, sometimes working through the weekend making my working “week” a very long 12 night week…a shattering time at work…
      we both enjoyed a good living standard and so had a holiday home in Jaywick Lane..
      so, life gave us an about turn when my contract / job finished and it took me just two weeks to realise the work I loved was Infact killing me..
      After nearly a year, we had sold the huge house in one of london good boroughs and purchased a small (at that time) bungalow off of Brooklands seafront road.
      But the Icing on the cake was I now Owned from one road to the next in a double plot !!
      The bungalow got extended, the rear garden access got changed over the years,
      and I can honestly say It WAS the best move we both had ever done.
      Now some 14 years later, we see old workmates, looking wornout from there lifetime of working till retirement age…
      yet still we get no nothings all spouting rubbish on how we live in My Jaywick,
      My Brooklands..

      Ian, a proud JAYWICKIAN….lol

  5. rob keenan says:

    i would like to know when the next forum is and receive your newsletter.


    • admin says:

      Rob – The official Community Forum website is the link listed at the top of the page.
      The next meeting will be the AGM at Golf Green Hall on 25th November 2015 from 11:30am.
      I don’t know if you are aware of the ‘Jaywick Vision & Plan’, but there should be some more information about it at that meeting plus there will be a ‘Drop in’ Exhibition at St. Christopher’s Church, Meadow Way on Saturday 28th November 10am to 4pm. As far as the Newsletter is concerned, I would suggest contacting Gill Elkins via the official site.

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