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I think its fair to say that anyone who has had the Insulation and Heating Works carried out by Ice Energy has noticed a considerable improvement both in the quality of heating and the reduction in their electricity bills. Despite a few hiccups along the way the ultimate result has been welcomed by the recipients of the works.
My only gripe, all be it a relatively small one, is where have the User instructions, guarantees and warranties etc. that were promised back in October 2013 got to, they have yet to be received by some if not all who had the works carried out.

For those in need of a simple guide you can download it HERE

There are also a number of You Tube videos available from various sources that give actual views of the way to carry out simple operations. Like these:

Setting Day and Time

Setting Water Heating Timer


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  1. Mike says:

    Just contacted Ben, what a brilliant guy. I have had a problem with my Ice Energy Daikin system. He talked me trough what to do, problem solved. So I know who will be doing any more repairs and our yearly service. Will be Ben.

    • admin says:

      Mike – Couldn’t agree more. With Ice Energy ASHP systems fitted in both my own home and five rental properties, I can honestly say that Ben has been a godsend several times both giving advice over the phone and quickly finding faults and rectifying them. More recently carrying out an annual service on all 6 back in June.

  2. Caryn says:

    Our ice energy air source heat pump needs a service and has lost connection with the pump out side. I have tried to
    contact ice energy to get an engineer out or suggest some one local who is familiar with the system but the number on there web site is either unobtainable or I have left messages for them to return my call and they haven’t. Has any one had any work done to there system and if so could you recommend any one local who can do it please.

    • admin says:

      From what I can make out Ice Energy made significant losses in 2016 and would appear to be in Receivership, so like you I will be looking for some local maintenance.

      • Caryn says:

        Thank you for your reply, that’s very useful to know I’ll stop chasing them. I would be very grateful if you do find some one good locally if you could post it on here and I will do like wise should I find some one.

        • admin says:

          You could probably do worse than contact Ben that used to do the servicing and repairs for Ice Energy; related posts from
          I knew he had left Ice Energy several months ago, but wasn’t sure if he was still doing the Heat Pumps as when he set up on his own he was looking to do more electrical work.
          Just like to put forward Ben Willis – B.W.RENEWABLES – 07415681658 – The guy that used to do the servicing and repairs on the Daikin Heat Pumps in Jaywick. So is well versed in both the electrical and plumbing aspects. Never knew him to fail to diagnose and repair a fault on the Heat Pumps.

  3. ian burit says:

    now a few years down the line, like most I suppose, we had an invitation to BUY extra servicing and guarantee for our Ice energy system.
    has anyone else either paid for this, or is it selective by targetting those who may possably be in a position to buy it on a yearly basis.
    replies please.

    • Les harwood says:

      I paid Ice Energy for 5 years extended warranty in November last year. The other day I ‘stumbled’ upon the fact that Ice Enegy is no more. I’m about to raise a case with the credit card company as they would be able to refund me given the fact that they have gone out of business and nobody else will automatically step in take that servicing agreement up. I managed to dig up a name of a new company that many of the engineers have moved to -

  4. Peter Webster says:

    I unfortunately was conned by Hamilton, they promised wall and loft insulation and wall heaters. What I got was wall insulation with wonky lines, Apex of roof left as was so in my mind incomplete, no loft insulation and no new heating panels. By the time ICE had got in contact with me Hamilton was half way through If they had only had returned my call 6 months earlier.

    So I am going to look forward to yet another cold winter with my 1 working storage heater that I cant run due to the cost, at least the insulation will keep the cold inside with me, oh, hang on, forgot about the drafty windows and door. No hope of a grant, im contribution based ESA and my DLA is low rate so no help there either.

    I hear ICE may be doing a few more heating installs soon, but im not hopeful, I shall be starting my hibernation soon in bed with my wife trying to keep warm, but staying in bed most of the day makes me lazy and a burden to the taxpayer apparently :/

    If anyone sees a bison or large deer around let me know im looking for animal skins to make a coat also looking for a cave to live in as an upgrade.

    Peter (Grasslands)

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear that Peter. Like you I originally signed up with Energy Alliance, but it became clear quite quickly how disorganised the whole set up was. So having had good reports about the Heat Pump systems I went to Ice Energy.
      Only problem so far has been getting promised paperwork, but received a call yesterday that it was ready for collection.

  5. admin says:

    Mr Watson, Another six weeks have passed since your comment that the literature was being distributed, it is now over 9 months since I was informed by the folks at the resource centre that the paperwork was in the pipeline. If we’re not careful any warranty/guarantee will have expired before we even get a view of them.
    I appreciate that this is quite a major task and that the influence of some property managers has caused an added delay. But surely its about time that at least some of the paperwork was available.

  6. Paul Watson says:

    Great to hear that you are pleased with the works completed and are seeing a change in the quality of your heating and reduced electricity bills. In terms of the packs you mentioned, these have been produced and are currently being distributed from the Jaywick Resource Centre to all residents who have had the works done in their homes.

    • admin says:

      When you say distributed could you clarify whether that is by mail, hand or are we supposed to collect them ourselves. As you might appreciate this has become a bone of contention for some people.

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