Jaywick itself comprises of four main areas, Grasslands, Brooklands, the Village and the Tudor Estate. Brooklands and Grasslands have perhaps been the most deprived and forgotten areas, having the barest of amenities, despite this the vast majority of the people who live there love it. The village has slightly more amenities in the way of shops and Post Office and again most of the people that live there, would not wish to live anywhere else. In all three cases many of the houses were amongst the worst in Europe. But recent works carried out by Ice Energy to over 500 properties have brought those properties upto an energy saving standard that would shame most modern builds, with state of the art insulation, uPVC double glazing and Air Source Heat Pumps. Unfortunately for various reasons most of which seem to be due to Government miscalculation and general mismanagement. The works on many properties were left unfinished.
 Finally we come to the Tudor Estate, or West Clacton as the Estate Agents prefer to call it, to avoid the stigma that they always attached to the name Jaywick.


A Resiident's view

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