Pro Brexit Cabinet Minister Gone

I know this is getting an inordinate amount of coverage in the media both locally and Nationally, but having read the Priti Patel story in the Times online this morning under the heading

Brussels braced for fall of Theresa May’s government

I just had to copy and paste one comment which to me sums up the whole nature of not just May’s cabinet, but the whole of the Westminster rabble.

Ernie Washer

May is such a disappointment as a leader. She is a shambles, but I think the headline is too dramatic. Incidentally, I note that politicians of all parties can suddenly work together to resolve an issue of inappropriate behaviour, but not when it comes to Brexit, the most momentous event in British history for decades. In this case, instead of presenting a strong united front in dealings with Europe, they lazily adopt the default position of a divisive rabble tearing at each other’s throats. Pathetic.
I think that really does sum up the whole farce that the alleged negotiations have become,
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