Russia Swung the BREXIT Vote? – Do me a Favour

Members of the press and some Politicians are now trying to say that Russia influenced the BREXIT vote, it seems primarily by bombarding Social media with misleading ads.

There was me thinking that’s what used to be called propaganda and I cannot think of a single country that has not used it at some point in history. The claim is that Russia exercised influence over some Westminster members, using the term in it’s loosest sense. Given that most politicians were and still are pro EU I do not really understand on what it is based.

It seems to all boil down to the fact that Russia may have placed misleading information on Facebook and the like, which straightaway seems to suggest that the British Public is more susceptible to Social media than the barrage of press and TV coverage. Given that pundits proclaim it was mainly the ‘older generation’ that voted to leave, I cannot see how this has any validity in that Online social media is the addiction primarily of the younger folk in our society.

See: City AM

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