Blind or Ignorant

These days I regularly have a couple of mile walk in the mornings for both health and general well being. But of late when I walk along the Promenade between the Tamarisk Way Car Park and The Close I am regularly confronted by people on bicycles. Who it seems are either incapable of reading the signs at either end or just choose to ignore them.

In the same way that there is a cycleway between the Golf Club and the Promenade from Jaywick Sands into Clacton. This particular promenade/seawall buttress is probably no more than 4 feet wide, but the usual morons choose to cycle down it despite the signs at both ends and having a cycleway, not a path, wide enough for a vehicle. I can just imagine the uproar if a car should actually use the cycleway.

So to all those that choose to bicycle, rather than keep moaning about how hard done by you are by motorists, it’s about time you had a bit more respect for pedestrians and heeded the same signs that motorists are expected to.

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