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Following up on Caryn’s comment on a previous Ice Energy Post, It seems that the company is basically shutting up shop:


Notice to Ice Energy Customers — Ice Energy Technologies

Since they posted this the following seems to have occured, Critchely’s the administrators say Ice energy is not yet in administration – they will be entering liquidation on 27th Feb. At this point letters will be sent out to customers.

Received a comment from Les Harwood on the previous Ice Energy post:

I paid Ice Energy for 5 years extended warranty in November last year. The other day I ‘stumbled’ upon the fact that Ice Enegy is no more. I’m about to raise a case with the credit card company as they would be able to refund me given the fact that they have gone out of business and nobody else will automatically step in take that servicing agreement up. I managed to dig up a name of a new company that many of the engineers have moved to –

Alto statement about Ice Energy Customer Support


Received update from Alto Energy today [22/03/2017]

UPDATE – For anyone that did not receive an email about it Alto Energy seem to have taken over from Ice Energy, but also includes a bit more info about who to contact if you have paid Ice for servicing and so have a financial claim against them. Email as follows:

Important Information For Ice Energy Customers


We are writing to confirm that Ice Energy Heat Pumps Ltd has been placed into liquidation.

All staff at Ice Energy were made redundant at the end of January and Critchleys LLP was appointed as liquidator at a creditors meeting held on the 27th February.

Any customers that placed deposits with Ice Energy, or have any other type of claim, should direct this claim to Critchleys in the first instance:

 FAO Andy Loyd
Critchleys LLP

Following their redundancy a number of former Ice Energy employees have since established a new company called Alto Energy limited. Alto Energy has subsequently acquired a number of Ice Energy assets from the liquidator including the website and the newsletter subscription list, hence our ability to now reach out to you with this information.

Separately to this, Alto Energy has also secured the IVT distribution agreement to the UK. After Ice Energy’s agreement was terminated as a result of their insolvency, IVT selected Alto Energy from a number of applicants due to its commitment to employ a critical volume of field engineers and in-house technical staff to enable legacy IVT customers to be supported. Please see our Alto Energy website here.

So if you placed an order with Ice Energy that has not been completed or if you have any new projects for which you would like to receive a quotation please don’t hesitate to let the team at Alto Energy know.

Likewise if you require any form of maintenance, servicing, or just general technical advise on an existing Heat Pump installation that you previously ordered from Ice Energy then please consider the Technical Support team here at Alto your first port of call.

We look forward to hearing from you and advising further.

Alto Energy: The new home for the design, supply, commission, support and service, of all your heat pump and underfloor systems.

Please contact us at Alto Energy using the button below and we will be happy to help:



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2 Responses to Ice Energy Update

  1. Eileen swanson says:

    In early December we phoned Ice Energy asking Ice Energy for an appointment for a service engineer to make a visit.

    We were told that service calls are made during the spring, and we’re asked to pay for the call out then they would be in touch with a date. We did not receive a call and tried to phone with the number unobtainable. Now we have found out the have gone into liquidation. and we are £ 200 out of pocket.

    Any news are they still trading.

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear that you may have lost out, but you may get at least some of your money back, we can but hope.

      If you are in immediate need of assistance:
      Ben left Ice Energy several months ago, but wasn’t sure if he was still doing the Heat Pumps as when he set up on his own he was looking to do more electrical work.
      So I would just like to put forward Ben Willis – B.W.RENEWABLES – 07415681658 – The guy that used to do the servicing and repairs on the Daikin Heat Pumps in Jaywick. So is well versed in both the electrical and plumbing aspects. Never knew him to fail to diagnose and repair a fault on the Heat Pumps.